With seemingly 50 teams at 4-2, the NFL is more clumped together than ever. This is not so in the Ticket Price Standings, as things are starting to spread out. There is no parity in ticket prices, it seems. On to the top-12.

  • The New England Patriots take over the top spot after their thrilling overtime win against the Ravens. The Patriots are in some ways a surprise at 4-1, and the loss of Randy Moss has done nothing to hurt their tickets. Winning trumps all.
  • The Dallas Cowboys may be America’s team, but they are not going to pay fora less-than product. At 1-4, the Cowboys not only saw their price fall below $200, but way below. What is more surprising is that they have a big, Monday Night, home game coming up, so the real price may be below that.
  • All the teams in the top-10, apart from Green Bay, are all 4-2 or better, which makes sense. They are the most consistently good teams on the field, but are also the most consistently good on the leaderboard. Losses to those teams don’t seem to have the same effect that loses to the other teams do, as shown by the Chicago Bears barely dropping after a flat loss to the Seahawks at home.

The top-12 stays pretty much the same week to week, and this week, the bottom-12 is interesting.

  • I hate to keep patting myself on the back here, but everything I said about the Houston Texans ticket prices has turned out to be true. The Texans, despite a thrilling win that kept them tied for first place in the AFC South, saw their ticket prices drop another 30 dollars, and become the first team to once be in the top-3 and make the bottom-12.
  • All the San Francisco 49ers fans needed was one win, apparently, as they left the bottom-12.
  • The Falcons saw their ticket price drop the most of any repeat bottom-12 team after their big loss to the Eagles last Sunday. While the St. Louis Rams had the largest climb of any repeat bottom-12 team, as their win over the Chargers got them to 3-3, and 3-1 at home.

So far, we are looking at a lot of 10-6 type teams this year, but it should be interesting to see what happens if the teams start to drift apart and space opens up in the standings, and if this has any larger effects to the ticket prices.

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