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I am back with another edition of the ‘Weekly MLB Ticket Price Rankings‘. I am cutting the introduction this week so we can just look at the data.

10 Highest Ticket Prices in the MLB (August 17 – 23)

  • The Twins are #1 again, with an average ticket price of $71.00, while the Blue Jays held up at #2 with an average ticket price of $70.29
  • The big surprise of the week came from the White Sox, who have risen 3 spots to enter the top 5, at #3, with an average price of $65.55 per ticket
  • The Mets are back in the top 5, but this is attributable to the drop in other teams’ prices, not the rise of the Mets’ prices
  • The Washington Nationals are a new entrant into the top 10 (check out our Nationals ticket prices page and you can see the uptick in their chart this week)
  • The Giants were the only team to fall out of the top ten (see San Francisco Giants price details)

MLB Ticket Price Shifts

MLB Ticket Price Shifts

10 Cheapest MLB Ticket Prices

Cheapest MLB tickets Aug-24-2010

  • For the second week in a row, the Brewers, Pirates and Angels have the cheapest tickets in the MLB
  • Interestingly for consumers, average Angels ticket prices continue to fall and are now less than $20 – at 87% of face value for their next home game!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any thoughts on the rankings by commenting below. In particular, does anyone have insights as to why prices in general are on the decline with many teams in the top 10? Why are Yankees prices so low? Why have White Sox prices been rising over the last few months?