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For the fourth time in NCAA Men’s Basketball history, the city of Minneapolis will play host to the Final Four tournament. Looking to secure a spot at the U.S. Bank Stadium and experience the event live? Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the seating arrangements.

A Quick Note on How Final Four Tickets Work

Before diving into the different seating options, we should note that when purchasing tickets to the Final Four you’ll notice that there are two ticketing options: “all-session” or “full strip” tickets and individual game tickets. The all-session tickets are good for both the Semifinals on April 6 and the Championship game on April 8. The individual game tickets are only valid for whichever game you decide to purchase them for. (Read more about ticket types here.)

Want to Sit Closest to the Action?

If you’re looking to get as close to the action as humanly possible, there are special floor seating sections behind the baskets in sections one and two. Viewing angles from behind the hoop can be tricky if you’re high up, but given the fact that you’re on the floor, the views should be spectacular. Should you want to sit in a more traditional seat, sections V2, V3, V4 and F2, F3, and F4 also have seats that are very close to the action right at center court.

Looking for the Best Sightlines?

For basketball games, the best sightlines are almost always located in the center court or “sideline” seating sections. At U.S. Bank Stadium specifically, this includes lower level sections ranging from V1-V5 and F1-F5. For third level seating, the best sightlines are located in sections 310-314 and 340-344.

If you end up choosing to sit in the lower level section, one thing worth considering is that often the seats closest to the floor don’t necessarily offer the best sightlines. Sitting a bit further up is preferable, as it gives you a better viewing angle because you’re higher up with fewer objects directly impeding your view.

What are Some of the Best Budget Seats?

Lower Seating

One thing worth mentioning is that due to the layout of the field, the seats in the corners are a bit farther away from the action than you might expect at a basketball game. This is due to the stadium layout being developed for watching football. The football field itself is much larger than a basketball court, so corner seats are set a bit farther back than usual. With that being said, corner seats often times represent fantastic value for the price, and that is certainly the case for the Final Four, even if the seats are set back a little bit. There are also desirable corner seats in the second level in Minneapolis as well.

Third Level

As previously mentioned, the middle sections in the third level offer fantastic sightlines and are much more economical for the average college basketball fan. The third level also offers some great bang-for-the-buck seats in some of the corner sections, where the view of the game is still quite good and the tickets are some of the most moderately priced in the building.

What About Club Seating?

Club seats are always a fantastic option if you’re looking to attend the game in a large group or if you’re looking for great sightlines with upgraded amenities.

Similar to most stadiums built over the last decade, U.S. Bank Stadium made it a priority to fit in plenty of club seating sections, which are located a bit above the field on the second level. The viewing angles from the club seats are spectacular as you’re situated high enough up to be able to see all of the action without feeling far away from the game being played.

2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets

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