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Super Bowl 53 is set to take place on February 3, 2019, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. This will be the third time that the ATL has hosted the big event, but the first time that it’s being held in the newly-built home of the Atlanta Falcons.

Attending a Super Bowl in person is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list worthy experience. However, trying to figure out where you want to sit for the game can be a bit confusing. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a quick guide on the seating arrangements for the Big Game which should make it easy to select your perfect seat.

How do Super Bowl tickets work?

Before we dive into the specific seating zones and sight-lines offered in Atlanta, we need to briefly discuss how most Super Bowl tickets work. For the Championship game, the NFL uses a ticketing protocol called zone ticketing, where fans can purchase seats in a particular zone rather than a specific seat. Seating assignments are then given out a few weeks prior to the game.

A Breakdown of the Different Seating Zones

For the Super Bowl, the designated seating zones are a bit different from the normal set-up at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The seating chart is broken up into four different zones, which all contain multiple seating sections:

End Zone

This seating section is self-explanatory; the seats are located behind the end zone.


The corner seats are located between the back part of the end zone and the goal line.


The sideline seats run from the goal line to about the 20-yard-line.

Sideline Club

The sideline club, which houses some of the best seats in the stadium, is situated between the 20-yard lines and offers some of the best viewing angles for all the action.

In addition to the four zones just mentioned, Mercedes-Benz Stadium also offers a substantial amount of club seats, 7,500 to be exact, which are located throughout different seating levels and are situated between the 20-yard-lines.

Seating Levels

MB Stadium has three main levels of seating as well as two lounges that sit at field level. They are as follows:

The Field Level

If you’re looking to get as close to the action as possible and feel like you’re a part of the game, the field level suites in Atlanta are certainly worth checking out. These suites are referred to as the “Mercedes-Benz Club” and “Delta Sky 360 Club” and they are located right behind the benches at the field level.

The sight-lines provided from these two locations are some of the most unique in all of sports given how close you are to the game being played. Seats in the Mercedes-Benz and Delta Sky 360 Clubs also offer access to upgraded amenities as well.

The verdict on the field level suites: While these seats offer a once-in-a-lifetime way to watch the Super Bowl, they aren’t the most practical seats to watch the game from due to how close you are to the action. If you’re looking for the best viewing angles, you’d be better off in a seat further removed from the field.

The Lower Level

The lower level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers a good mix of traditional seats and higher-priced club seating offerings.

For seats in the lower level, the best locations are situated in the sideline club due to the fantastic sight-lines between the 20-yard-lines. If possible, it’s often better to sit further away from the field in the sideline club in order to enhance your viewing angle and ensure that you can see the entirety of the field without having to look around constantly to follow the action.

The verdict on lower level seats: The lower level offers some of the best seats in the house, particularly in the sideline club sections.

The Second Level

The second level, better known as the “200 level” is comprised of same four type of sections as the lower level: end zone, corner, sideline and sideline club, but the seats are another level up and higher off the field.

The verdict on second level seats: The second level in Atlanta is a fantastic place to watch a game, particularly in the sideline club seats and the sections abutting the sideline club. The increased distance from the field makes it very easy to follow the action, and the 200 level offers some of the best sight-lines in the house.

The Third Level

The third level, or “300 level” is made up of three sections: end zone, corner and sidelines.

In the third level in Atlanta, there’s just one single block of end zone seats due to the stadium’s Skybridge. The 300 level offers the most moderately priced tickets for the game, but fans have noted that it seems to feel very far away from the field, which means the sight-lines aren’t as great.

The verdict on third level seats: Third level seats aren’t the best that MB Stadium has to offer but they will be the most moderately priced and offer a fantastic view of the state-of-the-art scoreboard that wraps around the top of the stadium.

What are the best seating options for large groups?

If you’re looking to attend the game with a decent-sized group of your friends, the logistics can get a bit tricky. Finding more than four tickets together can be a challenge but one of the best options for large groups are getting suite tickets as they are designed to accommodate large parties of fans. It’s also possible to split your group amongst different rows in the same section, so you’re all close to each other without having to be in the exact same row.

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