I recently wrote a blog pot which outlined the steady increase of White Sox ticket prices this summer. However, with some recent struggles, ticket prices have plummeted and at a perfect time for fans to see Manny Ramirez at at a big homestand this weekend for relatively cheap.  As discussed over at ESPN.com, Ozzie Guillen said “We have to go home and turn this around. One thing I know – this team will not quit. They will keep fighting until the end.”  Well, that fight begins tonight vs. the Kansas City Royals and we have outlined the ticket price trends below:

  • The White Sox ticket prices peaked with their late August series against the Yankees
  • Prices for this weekend’s homestand – the first time Manny will be in Chicago with the White Sox – are averaging just over $40 and well below recent trends
  • For tonight’s game, tickets are available for as low as $13 and there are deals that start at 60% of face value
  • For the September 11th game, tickets are available as low as $15 and for the game on Sunday, there are tickets available under $10 (at 37% of face value)

The chart below, better illustrates the rise and fall of the White Sox ticket prices moving into September:

Historical White Sox Ticket Prices 9.8.2010

  • Prices peaked on 8/28/2010 at $72.75
  • In September, ticket prices have plummeted to 55% of the 8/28 average at just over $40
  • Some of the drivers include, the inflation of the average as a result of the extremely high prices at which the Yankees series traded at (see below), the away games during the first week of August and the White Sox’s recent losses that have placed them further back behind the Twins

White Sox most expensive home games 2010

If you are from Chicago, I hope you have some time to get out to the ballpark this weekend.