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Winnipeg Jets TicketsA few weeks back, we looked at our ticketing data from the 2010-11 NHL season to see if we could anything interesting about the Canadian NHL teams.

Now that the 2011-12 regular season schedule has been announced, tickets are starting to trickle into the secondary market so we’re getting a good preliminary look at what ticket prices will be.

The biggest NHL story in the past few weeks (apart from Jeff Carter and Mike Richards being traded on the same day) has been the Atlanta Thrashers’ move to Winnipeg and, hence, the return of the Winnipeg Jets.

We looked at the average listing price of opening night tickets in the seven Canadian NHL cities and compared them side-by-side here:


Yep. Winnipeg is hockey-crazy. The average listing price in Winnipeg is nearly five times that of Toronto for opening night, when the Jets will face off with the Montreal Canadiens for the first time in 15 years.

These numbers will change in the coming months, so we’ll keep you updated.

Image credit to Flickr user bmusick1