The World Series is right around the corner, and with so many exciting matchup possibilities ticket prices will likely cost a pretty penny. When shopping for such an important ticket, you want to be armed with all the info you need to make an educated buying decision. Check out our list of money-saving tips, along with factors that may affect ticket price.

How to Save Money on World Series Tickets

1. Go to An Early Game in the Series

With potentially seven games in the World Series tournament, fans can be a bit more selective with what tickets they buy compared to say, the Super Bowl. Games early in the series are often less expensive than Game 6 or 7 might be. Also, look for games during the week or at less desirably times of day as demand for tickets is often lower.

2. Use Deal Score

Whether you’re shopping around for the perfect ticket or just looking to get your booty in the door, SeatGeek’s Deal Score feature can help. Deal Score is a tool developed by SeatGeek to help rank the value of a ticket based on historical prices for the performer and the venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event. Utilizing this feature will ensure that you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck when buying World Series tickets.

3. Opt for the Nosebleeds

If you’re just looking to get to one of the World Series games and don’t really care where you sit, sort the event listing by “price.” It’ll filter the cheapest options to the top, showing you the current lowest get-in price for the game. The most inexpensive options will probably be some of the less desirable seats in the house, but hey, that’s what jumbotrons are for.

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Other Factors That May Affect Ticket Prices

1. How the Team Is Performing

Nothing will compare to last year’s record-setting performance by the Cubs which drove World Series ticket prices way up. This year shouldn’t be as expensive, but if a team like the New York Yankees goes 3-0 and can clinch, prices may skyrocket. Alternately, if a team is performing poorly in the series, prices will likely drop as nobody wants to see their team lose. Basically, the most exciting the team performance, the more hot the ticket.

2. What City the Games Are In

This one is pretty obvious: is the World Series is held in a more expensive metropolitan area, tickets will likely cost more money. Especially if a team like the New York Yankees make it to the finals–expect prices to soar.

So Should You Buy Early or Wait?

Whether you should buy your World Series ticket early or wait is dependent on a variety of factors: What teams are playing, where, and how the series is panning out. If you purchase a ticket for an early tournament game now you’ll be refunded if it gets cancelled, so if you can afford to lay the money out upfront it might be worth your while. If you decide to buy once the series is underway, be sure to utilize SeatGeek’s tools in order to make the most educated purchase.