Surprises are certainly emerging as we hurtle toward the end of the baseball postseason! The Yankees won a huge Game 5 to stay alive in the ALCS against the Rangers today, as CC battled and overcame the productive Texas lineup. On the other side, the Giants overpowered the Phillies in an exciting and close Game 4, winning by scoring on a sac fly against Roy Oswalt who came in for a brief relief appearance. Now the ALCS is 3-2 Rangers and the NLCS is 3-1 Giants, the latter perhaps more unexpected than the former.

We have already looked at division series ticket prices as well as analyzed changes in championship series ticket prices, so let’s move on to what the price of World Series tickets may be on the secondary market!

As with the championship series, the National League is commanding much higher ticket prices at home than the American League. Since the National League won the All-Star game for the first time in years this season, home field advantage will go to the winner of the NLCS. Here are the ticket prices for the Giants and Phillies if they advance to the next round:

Fans of both teams are paying an astronomical amount in anticipation of seeing their beloved team play in the World Series. The Phillies are commanding about $200/ticket more per game than the Giants are, averaging a whopping $2,017/ticket for a possible Game 6 and $2,421/ticket for Game 7. The only Giants game to go over two thousand is the potential Game 7 at home, coming out to $2,120/ticket.

Now in the American League…

Prices are about half a grand lower per game on average. Ticket prices on the resale market are comparable for the Rangers and the Yankees, with the biggest difference coming in Game 5 if needed: Rangers fan are paying $1,345/ticket whereas Yankees fans are shelling out $1,127 – still not numbers to be taken lightly. It is interesting to note, however, that the NL teams are commanding almost double AL prices in the later games.

Prices are high and will definitely continue to rise if the NLCS and ALCS both extend into the full seven games, which is definitely a possibility. Can the veteran Yankees and Phillies teams overcome the deficit to take the championship series from the younger Rangers and Giants? Will American League fans spend more money to match their rivals in the National League? Stay tuned as we continue to monitor postseason ticket prices here at SeatGeek!

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