2013 World Series – Red Sox vs. Cardinals

Everyone knows these two storied franchises. When the 2013 World Series begins with game 1 on Wednesday, 10/23, the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals will kick off a championship series full of today’s stars, many young players who are the future of Major League Baseball, and a nearly endless roster of all time great players who called these two cities home for years. However, according to PunditTracker, all 63 baseball analysts from notable sports sites failed to predict even one of these two teams would make this year’s Fall Classic. World Series ticket holders will see some familiar faces from Red Sox and Cardinals past championship teams and plenty of fresh faces, as well, including rookie pitcher Michael Wacha who won the NLCS MVP for St. Louis against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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And those ticket holders are paying World Series ticket prices that dwarf even the highest prices we saw in last week’s NLCS and ALCS clinchers. World Series Game 1 & 2 prices are already 3x higher than the ALCS Game 6 clincher for Boston last week at Fenway Park. World Series Game 3 & 4 tickets at Busch Stadium are costing over $670 on average, well above the last NLCS game hosted in St. Louis. Both of these teams have balanced lineups and postseason-tested pitchers in the rotation and the bullpen. Both have proven to have the power necessary to take it out of the yard and the contact skill needed to play small ball in tightly contested pitching duels. The Red Sox – Cardinals 2013 World Series is one of the more balanced we’ve seen in the last decade, and one of these two teams will claim their third title in ten years or less. Everyone’s anxious to see if the 2013 MLB Postseason pitching dominance will continue, or if a number of these Boston – St. Louis World Series games will feature offensive fireworks. If the 2013 World Series Game 7 is necessary, just imagine how crazy Halloween in Boston could be!

2013 World Series Tickets

Red Sox – Cardinals World Series Schedule & Ticket Prices

Date Game City State/Country Venue Avg Ticket Price
10/23 World Series Game 1 Boston MA Fenway Park $795
10/24 World Series Game 2 Boston MA Fenway Park $881
10/26 World Series Game 3 St. Louis MO Busch Stadium $708
10/27 World Series Game 4 St. Louis MO Busch Stadium $670
10/28 World Series Game 5 St. Louis MO Busch Stadium if necessary
10/30 World Series Game 6 Boston MA Fenway Park if necessary
10/31 World Series Game 7 Boston MA Fenway Park if necessary

MLB World Series Preview – Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals