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Super Bowl tickets were the most searched for over the last 24 hours on, the most popular ticket search engine on the web. Rounding out the top five top ticket searches were College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic and SEC Football Championship. Search for these hot teams and artists, as well as over 60,000 events with SeatGeek and save money with simple comparison shopping and deal discovery.
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About Ticket Search for Sports, Concerts & Events

Background: Types of Search Engines

When somebody is looking for information on the web they go to Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for it. These top tier search engines are known as "horizontal" search sites because they return relevant results for queries about almost any subject. However, just because these results are relevant doesn't mean they are the best possible results. This is definitely the case for niches like travel, food, real estate, programming, market research and of course event tickets. Kayak offers airplane/airline ticket search (travel). Yelp offers restaurant/bar and local services search (food). Trulia provides real estate search. Many programmers will bypass Google and go straight to Stack Overflow (programming). Market research queries are often best suited for Quora where answers often come from people at relevant companies on relevant projects. And finally, we at SeatGeek have built a ticket search engine for sports, concerts, theater & more that we feel is just as strong as the aforementioned companies on providing an exceptional search experience within a niche.

What is Ticket Search?

Many people don't realize how fractured the ticketing market it is. Between fans selling tickets, ticket brokers, ticketing websites, season ticket holders, ticket companies etc. there is an abundance of secondary market ticket inventory scattered all over the web. We founded SeatGeek to provide a "vertical" ticket search site that specialized in solving this problem of scattered, unstructured ticket inventory via a meta ticket search engine. We have done a damn good job so far. We continue to improve daily with the goal to make searching on all ticket sites at once as easy and elegant as possible. This is just the beginning. SeatGeek's ticket search engine aggregates 60+ sites, offers comparison shopping, below face value filters and the best ticket deals via Deal Score™.

What Does a Ticket Search Site Do?

As a ticket search site, SeatGeek functions as a sports ticket search engine, a concert ticket search engine, a theater ticket search engine, a NFL ticket search engine...the list goes on and on. SeatGeek aggregates ticket inventory for easy comparison shopping. SeatGeek adds a layer of buyer deal discover tools over this inventory with our patent-pending Deal Score. Then we overlay all this information over a simple interactive seating map, making it super quick to find the seats that fit an individual buyers preferences.

Why Buy Tickets at SeatGeek?

SeatGeek has the best deals on hot tickets because we aggregate tickets from all the major secondary markets such as TicketsNow, Vivid Seats, TicketNetwork and +50 additional sites. SeatGeek’s ticket search engine provides one-search access to thousands of event tickets and incorporates a proprietary Deal Score™ algorithm that ensures that fans are getting a great deal on sports and concert tickets. SeatGeek provides the same one-stop-shop ease of use for NBA tickets, MLB tickets, NHL tickets, NFL tickets, concert tickets and more!