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Nassau Coliseum Concerts

Nassau Coliseum is one of the most exciting places to see live music in Uniondale, if not all of the United States. A number of the world's greatest performers and events have graced the stage at Nassau Coliseum. Past performers include Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars, and many more fan favorites.

Nassau Coliseum Concert Tickets

With 16,234 seats to choose from, there is a ticket option for everyone at Nassau Coliseum. On average, Nassau Coliseum concert tickets cost $180 , but this can change from artist to artist. For instance, Billy Joel concert tickets at Nassau Coliseum resell for an average of $308 , while concert tickets to a Paul McCartney show at the venue will run fans about $259 on average.

Additional Nassau Coliseum Concert Information

SeatGeek offers a Nassau Coliseum seating chart to make sure music fans can get the best seat in the house. For even more information, be sure to check out our "seat view" pictures, which give attendees as much insight as possible before they make a purchase.

We hope you find the perfect ticket to a great live event. For alerts on new shows at Nassau Coliseum, sign up for a SeatGeek account. And to see all the concerts SeatGeek has to offer, visit our concert tickets page.

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