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The Middle East Upstairs Upcoming Concerts

The Middle East Upstairs Concert Schedule

10/15/2018Jonathan Richman with Tommy LarkinsMiddle East
10/16/2018Jonathan Richman with Tommy LarkinsThe Middle East Upstairs
10/16/2018SalemMiddle East
10/17/2018Jonathan Richman with Tommy LarkinsMiddle East
10/18/2018Jonathan Richman with Tommy LarkinsThe Middle East Upstairs
10/19/2018Blockhead with Arms and SleepersMiddle East
10/19/2018Grassfed DiscoMiddle East
10/20/2018Nervous EatersMiddle East
10/21/2018Alex DacostaMiddle East
10/22/2018SayWeCanFlyMiddle East
10/26/2018DJ Rugged OneMiddle East
10/28/2018Junglepussy (18+)Middle East
10/29/2018RedMiddle East
10/30/2018Fat Tony with Cadence WeaponMiddle East
11/1/2018Kweku CollinsMiddle East
11/2/2018Grassfed DiscoMiddle East
11/3/2018slenderbodiesMiddle East
11/4/2018Vinnie Caruana with Brandon ReillyMiddle East
11/6/2018Exploded ViewMiddle East
11/7/2018All Get Out with HomesafeMiddle East
11/9/2018Assuming We Survive with DoseMiddle East
11/9/2018MaydayThe Middle East Upstairs
11/10/2018ButterknifeMiddle East
11/11/2018Darwin Deez with Joy AgainMiddle East
11/12/2018Steady HolidayMiddle East
11/13/2018Bright Light Bright Light (18+)Middle East
11/15/2018Mock Orange with Fire In The RadioMiddle East
11/16/2018Grassfed DiscoMiddle East
11/17/2018The Scene AestheticMiddle East
11/18/2018Darwin DeezMiddle East