Operations Engineer

Jobs at SeatGeek



SeatGeek has more servers than employees. That means automation has to be the default when it comes to building and managing our infrastructure.

As an Operations Engineer, you'll be in charge of designing and implementing the strategies and tools we use to automate our infrastructure and deploy our software. When you're not thinking about infrastructure, you'll be writing software wherever in the stack you most enjoy. The ideal candidate will be someone who loves building web apps but also has a keen interest for how they're deployed and run.

What We're Looking For

  • Experience automating both code and server deployments
  • A penchant for collecting and analyzing data: we use graphite heavily to keep a pulse on what's going on in our production environment
  • Strong understanding of Linux systems/tools
  • Experience with the software in our stack (not necessary to have all of this): Ubuntu, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Python, PHP, Capistrano, Chef Solo
  • AWS experience is a big plus, but by no means necessary
  • Expert with at least one language, and very good with several others

Job Perks

  • A competitive base salary and equity stake in a well-funded early stage company
  • A culture where the product is king
  • A monthly budget to spend on tickets to live events
  • A laid-back, fun workplace with an endless supply of snacks/coffee/beer, frequent team lunches, and social jaunts organized by Eric Waller, our official Social Chair
  • The opportunity to write code that is used outside of SeatGeek, e.g. we've opensourced our a/b testing framework, Sixpack, our Redis-backed autocompleting service, Soulmate, and our Python string matching library, FuzzyWuzzy
  • A superb benefits package, including full health/dental/vision
  • Hackathons: scheduled times when everyone drops what they’re doing and builds cool stuff in small groups