Technical Product Person

Jobs at SeatGeek


We care a great deal about our product. We're looking for someone else who does too.

We see the quality of our user experience as a key competitive advantage. Currently, the ticket industry is a wasteland of UX. We're trying to change that…where other companies frustrate, SeatGeek delights.

We've got a great team of engineers and designers, as well as a ton of great ideas. We're looking for someone capable of managing the process that turns those raw materials into fully formed products.

This isn't a normal PM job. You will be a full-fledged member of the SeatGeek dev team, but in a role focused on driving the product process forward. You'll spend about half of your time building things (probably frontend coding, although that's quite flexible) and the remainder of the time doing more traditional PM work.

What will you be doing?

  • Working closely with the rest of the dev team to ship great products as quickly as possible.
  • Conceptualizing and wireframing new interfaces. Making decisions about what features to keep and what to discard. When appropriate, using data to drive those choices.
  • Writing code. We're super-flexible about where in the stack this person contributes, but we're interested in folks who are builders, not singular managers.

What we're
looking for

  • You have great UI instincts, from high level UX decisions to an eye for pixel perfect detail.
  • You're an excellent communicator: you can clearly express your product vision through both prose and wireframes/mockups.
  • You comfortable with core web technologies. You've built things for the web before.
  • You're well organized and can juggle a lot of information, projects, and responsibilities at once

Job Perks

  • A competitive base salary and equity stake in a well-funded early stage company
  • A culture where the product is king
  • A monthly budget to spend on tickets to live events
  • A laid-back, fun workplace with an endless supply of snacks/coffee/beer, frequent team lunches, and social jaunts organized by Eric Waller, our official Social Chair
  • The opportunity to write code that is used outside of SeatGeek, e.g. we've opensourced our a/b testing framework, Sixpack, our Redis-backed autocompleting service, Soulmate, and our Python string matching library, FuzzyWuzzy
  • A superb benefits package, including full health/dental/vision
  • Hackathons: scheduled times when everyone drops what they’re doing and builds cool stuff in small groups