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Why sell on SeatGeek?

We’ve rebuilt the entire selling experience from the ground up, to help you help other fans see their favorite teams live. See for yourself why selling on SeatGeek is better.

Sell faster

We use years of historical data and innovative technology to help you sell your tickets faster.

Take home more

Our sell fees are as good, or even better, than our competitors’.

Maximize reach

Reach a higher number of passionate fans on the highest-rated ticketing app.

Trusted and secure

We make sure the fans buying your tickets are real. So you really get paid.

How to sell Padres tickets

Did we mention that listing your tickets only takes a few taps?
In just three simple steps you can list, price and sell your tickets for another fan to enjoy.

Import your tickets from the Ballpark App

Import from Ballpark app

Head to the MLB Ballpark app, find the tickets you want to list and click sell to automatically import them to SeatGeek.

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List your tickets

Choose your own price, use our price recommendation or get help from Smart Pricing to price your tickets, your way.

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Get paid

After your tickets sell, you’ll get an email requesting your bank info. Your payout will show up 5-8 days after your event.

Ready to sell?

Know what games you can’t make? Get your tickets linked and listed in a manner of minutes.

Features you’ll be a fan of

We don’t just talk the talk. We’re building new features every day that make selling your seats a breeze.

Sell from Ballpark

Sell right from the source

SeatGeek is directly integrated with Major League Baseball, so all you need to do is open the MLB Ballpark app and select the tickets you want to import.

Price Recommendations

Sell without the guesswork

We’ll recommend a price to list your tickets based on historical data, nearby seats and the current market value to help take the guesswork out of pricing your tickets.

Seat Perks

Every deet of every seat

Best seats in the house? We automatically tell every buyer what makes your seats special, like padded cushions and club access, with no manual input needed.

Smart Pricing

Price tickets like a genius

Smart Pricing uses AI and years of data to automatically track and adjust your ticket prices, so your seats sell at the right price, as fast as possible - without the headache.

Bulk Listing

Save time, sell together

Listing tickets to multiple games for sale? Select and list all of the games you want to sell tickets to at once, saving you time and repetitive work.

Listing Preview

Get a sneak peek

Want to see what other fans see? After you list your tickets, you can preview exactly what buyers will see when they view your ticket listing.

Some all-star Emphasis underline stats

< 1 minute

50% of users list their tickets in under one minute

2 million

Over 2 million fan-to-fan tickets sold during the 2023 MLB season


82% customer satisfaction rating among MLB sellers

What’s the difference?

We’re always striving to give you the best selling experience. Here’s how we stack up against competitors.


Sell from MLB Ballpark App

No more uploading barcodes manually. Automatically add and sell your tickets directly from the MLB Ballpark app.

Automated Seat Perks

Buyers know exactly what they’re paying for, and you get the right value for your tickets with automatically surfaced listing details.

Smart Pricing

Automatically set and adjust your ticket price using our proprietary AI-assisted pricing tool.

Integrated Bulk Listing

Save time by listing all of the tickets you want to sell at the same time.

Seat Level Maps

Fans can zoom alllll the way in on the venue map to choose exactly where they want to sit, down to the seat.

Dynamic View From Seat

Preview what you’ll see from your section with proprietary 3D-generated venue maps of all 30 MLB stadiums.

Let’s sell some tickets

Know what games you can’t make? Get your tickets linked and listed in a manner of minutes.