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The History of Horse Racing

Horse racing has a long history in the US - it began almost as soon as Europeans settled the colonies. The first racetrack was built in the 17th century in Long Island, NY. It took some time before there was racing countrywide but race tracks rapidly developed along the Atlantic Coast, areas of the Southwest including Nashville and Kentucky. Today, the sport is thriving and horse racing is one of the top most widely attended US spectator sports.

The Live Horse Racing Experience

Horse racing is one of the most thrilling live sporting events. Here are some key events you don’t want to miss. The weighing room - around a half an hour before the race the jockey and horse’s saddle are “weighed-out” to ensure qualification. Betting is integral to horse racing, so don’t forget to place your wagers. For some of the major horse racing events - attire can be play a big role. Lastly, don’t forget to appreciate the race - some horses can run up to 40 miles an hour.

Notable Horses in History

From Secretariat and Man o’ War - who were both remarkable Triple Crown winners - to Seattle Slew, Kelso, Black Caviar, and Seabiscuit no list of famous racehorses would be complete without these horses. From the speed at which they breeze past spectators, to the thundering sound of their pounding hooves, these equine athletes leave everything they have on track.

Horse Racing Schedule Information

Looking to catch a horse race in-person? SeatGeek has a great inventory of horse racing tickets. Some of the country’s most popular horse races include the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes. If you’re looking for a particular race, be sure to take a look at the SeatGeek page for tickets.

Purchasing Horse Racing Tickets

You can purchase horse racing tickets on the same sites where you buy concert tickets. SeatGeek has a wide variety of horse racing tickets for shows both races big and small.