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About NBA Finals Tickets

Featuring the best teams across the NBA, the NBA Playoffs are the ultimate proving ground for the best players in the league. Playing well in the playoffs can shape the legacy of any player, and can turn good teams into legendary teams. Game 1 of the NBA Finals will take place June 1, 2023.

Where the NBA Playoffs take place depends on who qualifies for the playoffs in a given season. On top of that, the seeding of each team heading into the playoffs determines who has home court advantage on a series by series basis. Seedings are determined by regular season record, and the better a team's regular season record is, the higher that team is are seeded within its conference.

Where to buy NBA Finals tickets?

There are no upcoming events for NBA Finals. Check back later for new event dates!

How to get NBA Finals tickets?

There are no upcoming events for NBA Finals. Check back later for new event dates!

Where to buy NBA Finals tickets?

Buy NBA Finals tickets on SeatGeek for the regular season, preseason, playoffs and parking.

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