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Seattle Seahawks Preseason Details

Seattle is one of the great football cities, thanks to the continued success of the Seattle Seahawks and the incredible support that the team gets from its fans. And that support doesn’t only last during the regular season and playoffs, as the Seahawks get plenty of backing from their fans during the preseason as well. With the team’s tendency to spot high-level talent, the preseason has been a time where the Seahawks have been able to discover plenty of playmakers.

Many of those playmakers have come from the skill positions on offense, including wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Lockett was a big play threat at the receiver position, thanks to his ability to get deep down the field and beat his defenders for big gains. And Lockett was able to showcase that speed initially during the preseason, where he was a frequent receiving leader for the team during a time where receivers like Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse were already established stars.

The quarterback position has regularly been one where the Seahawks have excelled, with team legends like Russell Wilson and Matt Hasselbeck often being the focal points of the team’s offense. During the preseason, the team had done a great job of keeping those stars healthy, which was especially impressive for Wilson given his ability to get outside of the pocket and make plays with his legs.

Scheduling for the Seahawks in the preseason frequently features the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders, who have served as rivals of sorts for the team in the preseason. Both teams present different identities, as the Raiders have historically been a team that tries to win with an explosive offense, while the Vikings are a defense-first club historically. Seeing those two different approaches in the preseason is a great primer for the regular season.

There aren’t many better atmospheres in sports than at a Seattle Seahawks game. The team’s fans are among the loudest in the NFL, routinely setting records for how loud they can get during games. During the preseason, the Seahawks fans continue to bring the energy as they support their players who are looking to earn a more prominent role within the organization.

When do Seattle Seahawks preseason tickets go on sale?

Seattle Seahawks fans can look forward to tickets for the team’s preseason games going on sale in mid-April or late-April, depending on when the NFL’s schedule is released in a given year. The schedule release lets fans know what matchups their team will take part in for both the regular season and preseason each year, so they can mark their calendars for marquee matchups.

How much do Seattle Seahawks preseason tickets cost?

The average price for tickets to Seattle Seahawks preseason games is $105. The price for individual seats varies based on where in the stadium fans sit, with seats in the center of the field and in the lower levels costing more on average than seats in the upper levels and in the corners or behind the end zones.

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