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The Dallas Cowboys never cede the spotlight. The World’s Most Valuable Team had one of the greatest postseason streaks in NFL history, stockpiling five Lombardi Trophies in a quarter-century run. With the team’s track record and widespread fanbase, there is no doubt that they are America’s Team.

It took just ten years for Dallas to reach its first Super Bowl. The Cowboys entered the NFL in 1960, and after a decade of tailoring the roster and smart drafting, the Cowboys made it to Super Bowl V against the Ravens in 1970. Unfortunately, the team took a narrow 16-13 loss with five seconds to go. But the taste of excellence motivated Dallas to reach new heights in the near future.

1971 was an NFL season filled with compelling storylines. Not only did the Cowboys stoke the fire by once again shutting out the Niners in the NFC Championship, but Dallas dismantled the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, earning the franchise its first trophy.

The Cowboys reached NFL glory again in 1977. Coming off a few disappointing seasons, including a subpar 1974, the Cowboys rallied to achieve a near-perfect season. It concluded with a 27-10 win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

The Niners got some revenge in 1981, defeating the Cowboys en route to winning Super Bowl XVI. It took eleven years for Dallas to make right. The Cowboys defeated the Niners 30-20 in the Bay to face the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII. Cowboys QB Troy Aikman earned his Super Bowl MVP off an elite four touchdown performance in a 52-17 win. Dallas racked two more rings in three years: first defeating the Niners and Bills again in 1993, and taking home another trophy in 1995.

In 1995, Dallas signed cornerback Deion Sanders to round out their roster, adding a Hall-of-Fame defender to the offensive core of Aikman, wide receiver Michael Irvin, and running back Emmitt Smith. Super Bowl XXX carried weight; the Cowboys had lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers twice before, in Super Bowls X and XIII. Dallas thwarted the Steel Curtain to win 27-17.

Aikman’s Cowboys delivered three more playoff seasons, but never matched the success of their early-90’s dominance. More recent iterations of America’s Team featured NFL superstars like QB Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten.

T Cowboys are always postseason a threat. Ask the 49ers, with whom the Cowboys consistently matched up in the playoffs, or the Washington Redskins, who battled Dalals in two NFC Championships. The Steelers may have something to say as well, being a team that not only faced the Cowboys three times on football’s biggest stage, but also compete for the title of most Super Bowl rings in NFL History.

Behind owner Jerry Jones and a front office known for discovering franchise talent, the Cowboys are capable at any time, in any season, of taking over the league.

When do Dallas Cowboys Playoff Tickets Go On Sale?

Though exact dates change from year to year, Cowboys playoff tickets usually go on sale around mid-December, when NFL teams typically clinch their postseason spots. The Cowboys can either enter the playoffs by winning their division or win the Wild Card, with the former almost always happening first.