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Indianapolis Colts Preseason Details

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that has often had an identity based on their passing game, with some truly legendary quarterbacks taking the field for Indy. As a result, their games are usually fast-paced and exciting, which is the case during the preseason as well. Colts fans are often treated to great competition in the preseason, as the Colts work toward nailing down their roster ahead of the regular season’s commencement.

At the top of the list of players who have graced the field for the Colts during the preseason is Peyton Manning. Manning was drafted first overall by the Colts in 1998, and featured for the team in the preseason as they got set to turn him loose on the rest of the league. While Manning was a great quarterback across all stages of the game, his appearances in the preseason and his first season as a pro helped him learn the lessons he needed to get to the top of the his profession.

Since then, other young players have played well for the Colts, such as guard Quenton Nelson. Nelson was drafted to be Andrew Luck’s protector in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and he lived up to that billing right away. His first preseason game as a professional saw him block with the ability that confirmed that the Colts made the right choice by taking an offensive lineman where they did.

Often appearing on the schedule for the Colts in the preseason are the Cincinnati Bengals. The two teams are both located in the midwest, and usually go against one another late in the preseason when the teams are through with training camp and ready to get the season started. Cincinnati has been another team that has relied on explosive passing attacks throughout their history, often making this matchup an intriguing preseason contest.

The atmosphere for Indianapolis Colts preseason games is strong, as the Colts do a good job of getting fans to Lucas Oil Stadium no matter what part of the season it is. The indoor setting for the game makes the home crowd sound louder than they would if they were indoors, not that the fans in Indianapolis needed any help getting loud when cheering on their favorite team.

When do Indianapolis Colts preseason tickets go on sale?

Colts fans can get tickets to the team’s preseason games right around the point when the league announces the schedules for all 32 teams. That schedule release has become a highly anticipated event among fans, and the mid-April schedule release is the point where tickets start going on sale for preseason contests.

How much do Indianapolis Colts preseason tickets cost?

Indianapolis Colts preseason game tickets vary in price depending on where in Lucas Oil Stadium the tickets are located. Seats closer to the field and toward the middle of the field tend to be more expensive than upper level tickets or tickets in the end zones. On average, though, Colts preseason tickets cost $29 on the secondary market.

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