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Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Details

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s iconic franchises, and the road to another year of Steelers football always begins with preseason action. These games go a long way toward determining who will be on the team and help players develop chemistry with one another for cohesive units on both offense and defense. In addition, the preseason is a chance for players to prove themselves, and many Steelers players got their start in preseason plan and went on to have productive careers in the league.

One such player is James Conner, who went from taking snaps in the preseason to becoming one of the focal points of the Steelers offense during a period for the team. Conner, a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, was given the chance to get some reps in among a crowded backfield at the time, but showed flashes of excellence that led to him winning the starting job. Conner eventually took full advantage of that opportunity, which originally came about thanks to his ability to shine in the preseason.

As far as teams that the Steelers frequently face in the preseason are concerned, it is the Carolina Panthers that the Steelers have something of a rivalry with in their preseason history. The Panthers are often the final team on the Steelers’ preseason schedule, which means that the two teams have played in many games where the players have come out with intensity as they look to make a final impression before rosters are solidified. Given Carolina’s success as a franchise over the years, this is often a good measuring stick for Pittsburgh heading into the season.

There are also frequent matchups with the Philadelphia Eagles that the Steelers have to look forward to in the preseason. With both teams located in the state of Pennsylvania, this geographic rivalry is more than capable of spicing up a week of preseason action, especially with the success that both teams have had in the modern era of the NFL.

Pittsburgh has some of the most passionate sports fans in the world, as well as in the NFL. As a result, Steelers fans tend to do a good job of turning out to support their team during the preseason. And with some of the success stories that have come out of the preseason for the team, those fans are often rewarded by getting a first look at players who have contributed to the team in a big way.

When do Steelers preseason tickets go on sale?

Preseason tickets to see the Pittsburgh Steelers usually go on sale shortly after the NFL schedule is released. The schedule release across the league usually takes place in the month of April, and lets fans know who the team will be playing in the preseason as well as the regular season.

How much do Steelers preseason tickets cost?

On average, tickets for a Steelers preseason game cost $44. Prices for each ticket can fluctuate, though, based on factors such as where a seat is located, as seats closer to the field tend to be the most expensive. Which opponent the Steelers are playing can also have an impact on pricing.

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