Miller Park Details

The Milwaukee Brewers moved into Miller Park after it was completed 2001. The park is located next to the site of the Brewers’ former home, Milwaukee County Stadium. Most of the old stadium’s land has been converted into parking for Miller Park, but the site of Milwaukee County Stadium’s former infield is still used as a Little League field. The naming rights to the Brewers’ stadium are aptly owned by Miller Brewing Company, which is based in Milwaukee and brews in Milwaukee and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Miller Park’s distinctive feature is a fan-shaped retractable roof that can open and close in under ten minutes. With the roof closed, the park and seating area can be heated 30 to degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Wisconsin’s weather can be cold at the beginning and end of the baseball season, and the roof ensures a comfortable experience for both fans and players. Other MLB teams have also had to make use of Miller Park’s roof: a snowstorm forced an Indians-Angels series to move from Ohio to Milwaukee in 2007, and the effects of 2008’s Hurricane Ike in Houston moved an Astros-Cubs series to Miller Park. Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs threw a no-hitter in one of the relocated games, making Miller Park the site of MLB’s first neutral site no-hitter.

The 2002 MLB All-Star Game was held in Miller Park. The finale of the 2002 game was of the most controversial in All-Star Game history: it ended in a 7-7 tie, as both teams ran out of usable pitchers after the 11th inning. Miller Park was a site for the National League Championship Series in 2011. The Brewers have not been to the World Series since Miller Park opened.

A number of musical acts have also played at Miller Park. Recent performers include Kenny Chesney, One Direction, and Paul McCartney.

Where’s the best place to sit at Miller Park?

The bleachers in right field are an excellent value, especially if you can get a seat in the first row: you’re practically on top of the right fielder. The loge level — between home and third base — is another good value. It lacks the in-seat service of the club level, but it’s a good fan experience. The club level is also a good option (and has heat or air conditioning, depending on the weather), but you’ll be a little higher up.

Tips and Tricks

Brewers fans are serious about tailgating. Tailgating is permitted in any of the parking lots, and you’ll need a ticket for the game to participate. Lots open three hours before the game, so arrive early to get in on the fun. If you park in the Brewers 1 lot, look out for a plaque commemorating the spot where Hank Aaron’s 755th (and final) homerun landed. Tailgating is permitted until 30 minutes after the game starts. If you want to head in early, the gates open 90 minutes before the game’s scheduled start time.

If you’re interested in Brewers history, the Selig Experience exhibition is free to enter with a game ticket. The exhibit honors Bud Selig for his role in bringing baseball back to Milwaukee after the Braves left for Atlanta.

Club Areas

  • Dew Deck: Seats overlook right field, but the real draw is the 25 foot rock climbing wall. Includes a full buffet and two complimentary beers.
  • Right Field Patio: Seats located at field level behind right field. Includes a buffet and two complimentary beers.

Food Recommendations

The bratwurst at Miller Park among the best you’ll find at any ballpark. You can find them just about anywhere at the park. There are also a couple of innovative options for nacho lovers. First, tou can find Bratchos: chorizo, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and bratwurst served on top of kettle chips with fried jalapenos, sauerkraut, and sour cream. Alternatively, nachos on a stick consists of cooked beans and beef wrapped on a stick like a corn dog then rolled in melted Doritos and fried.