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We believe great technology empowers organizations and delights users. That’s why we’re here. And so are you.

We’re SeatGeek, and we partner with some of the most recognized teams, venues and acts in the world — providing innovative enterprise tools to power their box-offices and efficiently grow their businesses.

How we’re changing live events

For too long ticketing had been selfish — acting in the best interest of itself, rather than the fans it should benefit.

Transforming ticketing

Since starting SeatGeek a decade ago, life-long live event fans Jack, Russ and Eric have built one of the leading ticket marketplaces in the US (humble brag?). But they quickly realized that to truly transform ticketing, SeatGeek would have to serve all major audiences — not just fans and sellers, but teams, leagues, venues, promoters, artists and more. With that vision in mind, starting in 2016 SeatGeek became the fully-integrated live entertainment technology platform it is today, combining a top-rated consumer experience with innovative enterprise ticketing technology. Sounds easy, right?

The backbone of live events

Our suite of products and services are built to serve as the backbone of live events — from single ticket sales, package memberships and pre-sales to CRM management, optimized pricing and access control. And we do it all just a little bit differently — just like how Jack, Russ and Eric originally envisioned — solving for what ticketing should be, rather than what it has been.

First according to fans

#1 app store ranking and NPS score

We don’t just say we’re changing ticketing, we’re making sure it’s actually happening. We use metrics like app store rankings, our NPS score amongst ticketers and season ticket member scores to prove it’s working.

More than just a ticket

83% fan engagement beyond barcode access

A ticket should be so much more than an access token. From building tools to capture the right data to making tickets dynamic and interactive — we’re adding more elements of “success”.

Speed is our middle name

26 software releases since August 2021

We release software updates as frequently as we can, because we know speed matters. The faster we can empower our partners with technology tools, the more they can capture the opportunity in front of them.

A boost to your bottom line

75M tickets sold off-platform via unique channels

Modern ecommerce has reshaped consumer expectations. We’re ensuring your business is set up to meet them by rethinking membership designs, breaking down data silos, enabling distribution and optimizing pricing.

Don’t take it from us

Cleveland Cavaliers
“As I’ve said before, the whole look and feel of the SeatGeek product is so much cleaner and easy to navigate through. Overall, love it!”

Bayley Haberman

Senior Director of Ticketing
Citi Open
“SeatGeek is a fantastic ticketing services partner and CRM solutions provider. They have a wide variety of tools, resources and support that are invaluable to us as an organization.”

Jeff Bradley

Director, Ticketing and Sales
Dallas Cowboys
“From top to bottom, every SeatGeek employee I’ve interacted with has not just been a pleasure to work with, but has brought an unmatched level of expertise to the table with a singular goal to make ticketing better for everyone involved.”

Doug Dawson

Senior Vice President, Stadium Revenue

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We believe great technology empowers organizations. For too long, ticketing technology has done the opposite. Our clients share our vision and the results are powerful.

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