Oracle Park Details

Opened in April of 2000 at the start of the 2000 Major League Baseball season, Oracle Park has played host to some of the most historic moments in the history of sports. The park was originally named Pacific Bell Park, before being renamed SBC Park in 2003, after SBC bought Pacific Bell. In 2006, AT&T's absorption of SBC led to the venue being renamed once again, to AT&T Park. In 2019, the stadium was given its current name.

Oracle Park is the home of the San Francisco Giants, and was the venue for of one of the most exciting sights in recent baseball history. That sight, of course, was the career of Barry Bonds, whose controversial nature was undeniable, with undeniable talent to go with it. Oracle Park was the site of many of Bonds' most iconic home runs, including his record-breaking, career-home-run-record-setting blast, that saw him leap over Hank Aaron to become baseball's greatest all-time home run hitter. Bonds helped the Giants reach the World Series in 2002, which featured games in Oracle Park as the Giants lost to the Anaheim Angels.

In a much less honorable light, Oracle Park is one of the few venues on Earth to play host to two different now-defunct professional football teams in two different now-defunct professional football leagues. It was the home of the California Redwoods of the UFL in 2009, as well as the San Francisco Demons during the 2001 XFL campaign. The Demons ended up making the XFL championship game in 2001, making them one of just two teams to ever play in the XFL title game, given that the league folded after one season.

Oracle Park was also the sight of a marriage proposal between two of the most famous people on the planet, when Kanye West rented out the venue and used its giant screen to propose to his then-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian in 2013.

Q: What are the best places to sit at Oracle Park?

A: Located right behind home plate, the Lexus Dugout Club is the best seat in the house at Oracle Park. For more cost effective options, the 200 sections behind home plate are a good bet, as are the mid-level bleachers sections, which give you a good chance to snag a home run ball out in left field.

Q: Oracle Park tips and tricks

A: Gates at Oracle Park open two hours before the start of each game, with batting practice usually taking place around an hour and a half before first pitch. Fans on the first base side of the park should use the Willie Mays Gate or the O'Doul Gate, while fans on the third base side of the park are best served at the Mays or 2nd Street Gates. Fans in the outfield can use the 2nd Street or Marina Gates for the easiest access.

Q: Oracle Park Club Seating

A: Field Club and Virgin America Club seating are club seating options available to fans at Oracle Park. These seats are located behind home plate and near the dugouts for prime viewing, and offer in-seat refreshments and other exclusive benefits. The Press Club is another option for fans at Oracle Park, with up to 30 available seats, and food and beverage credits available for fans who have tickets there.

Q: What is unique about Oracle Park?

A: McCovey Cove has to be the most unique thing about Oracle Park. Located right on the San Francisco Bay, right field at Oracle Park is right up against the water, which leads to plenty of home run balls being hit directly into the water and what is known as McCovey Cove. Fans in kayaks and boats will camp out in this area and track down home run balls when they are hit into the cove.