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Cleveland Browns Playoff Details

The Cleveland Browns are a team with one of the most impressive playoff streaks in football history. One of the Browns’ early teams competed in ten straight championships their first ten years in the NFL, winning four.

The Browns entered the NFL hot. Joining the league from the now-defunct All-America Football Conference with four-straight championships under their belt, Cleveland ruled the NFL in their first season. Cleveland won the 1950 NFL Championship, continuing their streak to five straight titles in two leagues. Cleveland went on two win it all again in 1954 and 1955, ending an unprecedented ten-year run where the Browns played for the championship every year.

In 1964, Jim Brown, the greatest Cleveland Brown – and arguably the greatest NFL player -- ever, racked up nine touchdowns and 1786 yards to lead the Browns to their first championship appearance in seven years. The Browns were underdogs versus the talented Don Shula (Head Coach) and Johnny Unitas (Quarterback) of the Baltimore Colts.

The weather was stifling. Wind and snow forced both teams into a sloppy and scoreless first half. The Browns returned to the field ready to unleash a two-pronged attack: rush the passer and throw deep to wide receiver Gary Collins. Their plan worked, shutting out the seven-point favorites 27-0.

Four NFL championships in the trophy case, and eight championships in total, the Browns were the kings of a sport poised to become America’s new pastime. The Browns would go on to duck in and out of the playoffs for the next decade. In 1980, a new-breed Browns -- nicknamed the Kardiac Kids -- worked their way into the franchise’s first playoff appearance in eight years. Their high risk tolerance proved fatal in the AFC Divisional round when, down 14-12, Cleveland elected to throw instead of kick. The pass was intercepted in the end zone, and the Browns lost.

When do Cleveland Browns Playoff Tickets Go On Sale?

Though exact dates change yearly, Browns playoff tickets usually go on sale around mid-December, when NFL teams usually clinch their postseason spots. The Browns can either enter the playoffs by winning their division or win the Wild Card, with the former almost always happening first.

How Much Do Cleveland Browns Tickets Cost?

Ticket prices for playoff games average $240, with prices tending to increase the closer you are to the field and the deeper the Browns are in their playoff campaigns.

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