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Cleveland Browns Preseason Details

The Cleveland Browns are regularly one of the most exciting teams in the preseason, as they frequently debut new and exciting players that will be donning the brown and orange during that time of year. And with so many players getting their start in the league in Cleveland, it makes sense that the Browns would attract plenty of attention on the field.

Perhaps the most appropriate example of the Browns bringing in exciting talent to shine during the preseason was quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Browns in 2018 and saw plenty of action in the preseason as the backup to Tyrod Taylor. That experience helped Mayfield earn the team’s starting job during the regular season as he quickly became the face of the franchise.

And football fans would be hard-pressed to forget the debut of quarterback Johnny Manziel in the preseason with Cleveland. One of the most electrifying players in the history of college football, Manziel turned the preseason during his rookie year into a must-see event.

Defensive standouts have also had a chance to shine during Browns preseason games. Young players like Denzel Ward at cornerback have had their first tastes of NFL competition during Browns preseason contests, giving fans plenty to be excited about on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball when the regular season has rolled around each year.

The Browns’ preseason schedule often contains the Detroit Lions on it. Both teams are close together relative to many NFL teams, so it only makes sense that they would square off late in the preseason after training camps have wound down and teams are working out of their franchise’s cities. Given some of the prized draft picks that these teams have hauled in, these games have often been some of the most talked-about preseason matchups.

The atmosphere for Cleveland Browns preseason games is an interesting one, as the Browns and their fans have enjoyed the hope that the young players on the team have brought the franchise. And given how easy it is to walk from local gathering places in Cleveland to Browns games, there is a real bond between Browns fans that is palpable no matter what game is being contested.

When do Cleveland Browns preseason tickets go on sale?

After the schedule for the upcoming NFL season is announced, tickets to see the Cleveland Browns go on sale. The schedule is released in mid to late-April in most years, but there isn’t a set date for the schedule to be dropped every year. This is one of the most anticipated days of the year, as teams find out who they are going to play in both the regular season and preseason.

How much do Cleveland Browns preseason tickets cost?

On average, a ticket to see the Cleveland Browns in the preseason costs $21. But fans should keep in mind that there are factors that can cause prices to fluctuate, such as the location of the seats being bought or the opponent for the Browns in that game.

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