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Denver is one of the most unique NFL cities, with the mile high location of the team’s home stadium creating a home field advantage that makes it difficult for teams to keep up. In the preseason, that home field advantage can help the young players looking to earn a bigger spot on the Broncos, as can the Denver fans. With one of the more interesting atmospheres in the sport and plenty of preseason success stories, Denver is one of the best places for fans and players alike to be in the preseason.

One of the great success stories for the Broncos in the preseason was the story of Phillip Lindsay at the running back position. Lindsay was an undrafted rookie when he was signed with the Broncos, and was given a shot to perform with the team in the preseason. He took full advantage of that opportunity, and was a serious contender to win the rookie of the year award in 2018.

The Broncos also gave birth to one of the most famous players in the history of the league via the preseason, when Tim Tebow got his start in the league in the preseason. Tebow put his mobility on display notably against the Dallas Cowboys during the 2011 preseason, and put the league on notice that his ability to win games on the ground in college was no fluke. Tebow would lead the Broncos to a playoff win in that season, but it all started in the preseason.

Denver often faces two opponents in the preseason, who have served as the team’s rivals during that part of the year. Those teams are the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals. These battles against teams that have had success in the NFC are a good measuring stick for the Broncos, as their up and comers are able to test their mettle against organizations that have also proven that they can build up talent in a hurry.

The mile high city is a great place for players to be developed in the preseason, as players have to contend with high altitude that they may not be used to. That high altitude is a great test for a player’s conditioning, and can give the Broncos an even stronger indication as to which players they should use in a more prominent role.

When do Denver Broncos preseason tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Denver Broncos preseason games go on sale when the league announces its schedule for the year. That takes place in the month of April, along with the announcement of the regular season schedules. The exact date of the schedule release varies from year to year, but mid to late April is often the time.

How much do Denver Broncos preseason tickets cost?

Prices for Denver Broncos preseason tickets vary based on where fans want to sit. But the average price for Broncos preseason tickets is $93 per ticket, with seats closer to the middle of the field often being more expensive than tickets in upper levels and in the end zones.

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