July 29th, 2010

SeatGeek Introduces Ticketing Data Profiles for Sports Teams to Measure Fan Sentiment

Comprehensive Data Resource Provides Consumers with the Insight They Need to Save Money on Tickets, While Giving Media Access to the Latest Trends and Information About Upcoming Sporting Events

July 29, 2010 (New York, NY) – SeatGeek (http://seatgeek.com), the only site that forecasts the price of sports and concert tickets on the resale market, today announced the launch of comprehensive data profile pages for individual sports teams, which accurately show current and historical ticketing information. The data profile pages empower sports fans to become more intelligent buyers, and offer sports journalists with a tool to accurately measure fan sentiment.

SeatGeek’s ticket price profiles offer an insider’s look at fan sentiment as determined by purchasing behavior in the secondary ticket market. These pages track average team transaction ticket prices, ticket price ranges, current listing prices, price volatility, and most expensive home / away games. SeatGeek also provides a real-time leaderboard of MLB ticket prices by team allowing fans to see how their favorite team stacks up against the rest of the league. As of July 26th, the Boston Red Sox ticket prices are the highest in the league while the the Arizona Diamondbacks ticket prices are the lowest.

SeatGeek is able to provide these deep insights because it is the only website that tracks millions of transactions on the secondary ticket market. For these profiles, SeatGeek has leveraged its proprietary database of historical ticket transactions to help fans, writers, and reporters better understand the teams and sports they love.

“SeatGeek was founded on the principal that fans should always be able to find the best ticket deals for their favorite sports teams,” said SeatGeek co-founder Jack Groetzinger. “With our price forecasts, we helped eliminate this problem on individual games, now we are extremely excited to take it a step further by allowing fans to continually monitor team ticket prices across the entire season, and in turn become much more informed and intelligent buyers.”

Since launching in 2009, SeatGeek has become the most trusted source for ticket price and fan sentiment data. Reporters from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post turn to SeatGeek to see how ticket prices reflect the latest trends in sports, and these data pages give writers unprecedented access to SeatGeek’s proprietary data. “We are extremely happy with the added benefits these pages provide our users,” said SeatGeek co-founder Russell D’Souza, “but we expect the reporters and writers that use SeatGeek data every day will benefit even more by having unique access to our data and analytics.”

About SeatGeek
SeatGeek.com forecasts how sports and concert ticket prices move on the secondary ticket market. SeatGeek allows fans to search multiple sites, find sold out tickets, compare prices, view price forecasts, and buy tickets all in one place. SeatGeek offers MLB tickets, NFL tickets, and concert tickets, as well as tickets for all major sports.