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Tailgating capital

Of the 32 NFL teams, no fan base was more into tailgating than Bills fans, an incredible 93 percent said they had tailgated before. The tailgates outside Highmark Stadium are legendary, no matter the conditions. Be sure to be on the lookout for local legend Pinto Ron, who has been hosting a tailgate for decades now, and lets fans douse him in ketchup and mustard.

"Get there early. Half the fun of Bills games is the tailgating. I’ve been to a lot of games at a lot of other stadiums and there is nothing like Bills Mafia."

Diehard fans

Despite going almost two decades without making the playoffs (a streak they broke in 2017), there has never been any doubt that Bills fans are some of the most dedicated in all of sports. Before heading to a game be sure to learn their version of the song “Shout” which includes plenty of “Let’s Go Buffalo” chants within the lyrics.

"The fan atmosphere is great and people get into cheering on the Bills no matter what."

Check the forecast

Buffalo is notorious for its winter weather, and while fans can find great deals later in the season, they also need to be prepared for cold temperatures and potentially tons of snow. Many fans recommended sitting lower in the bowl to avoid the wind, with the added bonus that the lower seats are not benches, providing a bit more warmth.

"If it’s cold, it’s colder the higher up you’re sitting and the seats are metal. Bring something to sit on and layer up."

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