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Chanting and singing

When heading to a Bengals game be prepared to hear a ton of fans yelling "Who Dey," not to be confused with the "Who Dat" chant used by New Orleans Saints fans. Also take a second to learn the Bengals fight song “Bengals Growl” which you will hear every time after the Bengals score a touchdown.

"Great place for a football game. Walking distance from downtown hotels which helps with saving on parking."

Get cooking

The tailgating culture outside of Paul Brown Stadium is strong, in fact 87 percent of Bengals fans surveyed said they they have tailgated in the past. Some of the most popular spots were Lot 1 and Lot D, but a number of fans also called out the parking lot outside of Longworth Hall, just west of the stadium.

"People tailgate everywhere. Take time to wander through the parking lot to soak up the energy of the Bengal nation!"

Chili and Beer

Cincinnati is a city known for its chili, and the rivalry between Skyline and Gold Star stretches inside of Paul Brown Stadium too. Chili often goes well with a local beer, and many fans called out Rhinegeist, a Cincinnati brewery. If you pick your game right you might be in town during the city’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, the biggest in the country.

"[The one thing I can’t miss is] having Gold Star chili dogs and checking out the view of Cincinnati and Kentucky."

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