With the NBA Finals kicking off tonight at the Oracle Arena, Game 1 tickets are going for a median price of $1359 – higher than prices were two days in advance of the series last year. Game 2 is showing an even bigger jump at $1593 this season.

Tickets are shaping up to be about half the price in Cleveland, at $690 for Game 3 and $857 for Game 4. In fact, we saw a flight and hotel deal that would make it cheaper for Golden State fans to fly to Cleveland for Game 3 than stay home and go to Game 2.

NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Game Matchup Date Avg. Ticket Price
Game 1 Cavs at Warriors 6/2/16 $1359
Game 2 Cavs at Warriors 6/5/16 $1593
Game 3 Warriors at Cavs 6/8/16 $690
Game 4 Warriors at Cavs 6/10/15 $857

Compared to median listing prices for last year’s NBA Finals, taken two days prior to the start of the 2015 series, prices are higher this season in Oakland but lower in Cleveland. This year’s Game 2 is roughly $300 more expensive than Game 2 in Oakland in 2015, and Game 3 in Cleveland is down by about $400.

For Warriors fans feeling priced out, the price gap between tickets in the two cities is large enough right now that it would be cheaper to travel for Game 3 than catch Game 2 in Oakland. We found a deal that, with a combined flight from SF to Cleveland and a hotel for next Wednesday night, makes it less expensive for Golden State fans to go to Game 3 in Cleveland than see Game 2 at Oracle Arena.

Tickets to the NBA Finals

The Finals are seeing a significant price spike over the Conference Finals. The median listing price was $900 two days out for a ticket to Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Oakland, and $426 for a ticket to Game 6 of the ECF in Toronto.

The “get-in” price (cheapest ticket) for NBA Finals Game 1 in Oakland is currently $678. The get-in price for Game 3 in Cleveland is $366.

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Image courtesy of Bryce Edwards via Flickr.