Barclays Center Details

Opened in 2012 in the heart of Brooklyn, Barclays Center is a venue that plays host to the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA and the New York Islanders of the NHL, in addition to plenty of special events in the music word as well as other forms of entertainment. What Barclays Center lacks in a lengthy history when compared to other venues, it has made up for by continuously hosting some of the most high-profile events.

Perhaps the most exciting time in the young history of Barclays Center was when the Brooklyn Nets found themselves as a regular playoff team in the NBA's Eastern Conference. The Nets ended up in a rivalry of sorts with the Toronto Raptors, who they met with multiple times in the early rounds of the Eastern Conference playoffs. With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce leading the team behind their championship experience from their time as Boston Celtics, the Nets were one of the more interesting teams in the NBA for a long time in Barclays Center.

In addition to the exciting NBA basketball that has taken place at Barclays Center, the venue has also seen its share of great college hoops, with Barclays Center hosting the Legends Classic, ACC Tournament, along with select games from the NCAA Tournament in the past, most notably an upset by 14-seed Stephen F. Austin over West Virginia in 2016.

Barclays Center has hosted many big name entertainment events throughout its history also, including the eight day opening concert series put on by Jay-Z, as well as appearances by Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and countless others. Barclays Center has also found its niche as the annual host of one of WWE's biggest events each year, SummerSlam, where stars such as Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker have squared off in the squared circle.

Where are the best places to sit at Barclays Center?

Barclays Center does their seating a bit differently than most venues, with the seating that would be considered the 100s sections in other arenas being given a single digit number at Barclays. This means that the 100s are not the best seats in the house. And while the single digit sections will offer the best available seating, something in the 100s or 200s will provide a good view of the action without the hefty price tag.

Barclays Center Tips and Tricks

As is usually the case when traveling somewhere in New York, you are better off taking mass transit than driving to Barclays Center. There is a subway stop at Atlantic Avenue, which will drop you off directly in front of the arena, making hopping on the subway much more convenient than trying to get to Barclays Center some other way.

Doors open an hour before Nets and Islanders games at Barclays Center, and it is highly recommended that you stop in early to catch players as they go through their warmup routines. With entrances on Atlantic Avenue, as well as Flatbush Avenue, there are ways to get into Barclays Center on nearly every side of the venue, so which entrance is right for you will depend on where your seats are located.

Barclays Center club seating

While Jay-Z's 40/40 Club doesn't have a space in Barclays Center, there are plenty of club seating options to choose from. The Billboard lounge offers fans a place to listen to live music on occasion with table service and other club perks. The Courtside Club is located in the vicinity of the Nets' locker room and offers a VIP entrance and all-inclusive food options. Fans can also have their own dedicated servers and a lounge setting in the Centurion Lounge, or a great view of the game from the Honda Club as well.

Barclays Center Architecture

The incredible design of the outside of Barclays Center, especially at the main entrance to the venue, sets it apart from other arenas, as the steel exterior has been made to look similar to the famous brownstones in Brooklyn.