Bridgestone Arena Details

Opened in 1996, Bridgestone Arena is the home to the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League, and plays host to many more events in the world of sports and entertainment as well. During their time at the venue, the Predators have galvanized the fans at Bridgestone Arena to turn hockey in Nashville, Tennessee into a can't miss event.

Hockey in Nashville has grown substantially during the time that Predators have inhabited the Bridgestone Arena, with the city continuing to reel in big events to the venue thanks to their massive support of the team. Bridgestone Arena was chosen to host the 2016 NHL All-Star Game thanks to that support, with big crowds attending each event of the All-Star festivities.

Bridgestone Arena has also been the host of some high-quality hockey as well, with the Predators reaching the Stanley Cup Final in 2017. Bridgestone Arena was the host of three games in that series, which saw the Pittsburgh Penguins defeat the Predators in a six game series. Despite the loss, the fans at Bridgestone Arena were unwavering in their support, as they have quickly gained recognition as one of the best fan bases in hockey.

Bridgestone Arena also frequently serves as the host venue for the SEC men's basketball tournament, with top teams like Kentucky and Florida getting together to determine which team is the best in the Southeastern Conference, with legendary head coaches such as John Calipari leading their teams into those intense battles.

Outside of the hockey world, Bridgestone Arena has hosted a number of high-profile events in the music and entertainment world. Being located in Nashville, it is no surprise that country music holds a special place in the history of the arena, with the CMA and CMT awards both being held there frequently throughout their history.

Where are the best places to sit at Bridgestone Arena?

The 100 level seating at Bridgestone Arena forms a nice oval around the ice, and is the closest you can get to the action unfolding on the playing surface. Fans who prefer to sit a little higher up to get a different view of the action, though, would enjoy the 200 level seats behind the tunnel, where the proximity to the ice is similar to what you would get in the 100s, but for a little less, and high enough up to see the ice from a different angle if you prefer.

Bridgestone Arena tips and tricks

At Bridgestone Arena, doors open about an hour prior to the start of a game, so be sure to get there nice and early so you can catch the Predators and their opponents warming up before a game. Also, parking at Bridgestone Arena is extremely affordable, with public parking around the arena usually comparable in price to a mass transit ride.

Bridgestone Arena club areas

Floor level boxes at Bridgestone Arena offer those in attendance the ability to enjoy their events with access to the Lexus Lounge, which comes with a premium buffet and unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, private luxury seating areas and a massive high-definition screen to take all of the action in on when you aren't facing the ice or stage.

Bridgestone Arena Bench Seats

The bench seats at Bridgestone Arena may be the most fun thing going in hockey. In addition to access to the aforementioned Lexus Lounge, bench seats let you sit right in between the Predators bench and the bench of their opponents, so you can hear both teams talk strategy, and see them do what they do best from as close as humanly possible.