RingCentral Coliseum Details

Opened all the way back in 1966, RingCentral Coliseum is currently the home to two professional sports franchises, although that will not be the case for much longer. Although the NFL’s Oakland Raiders are leaving town, the tenant that will remain in the venue will be Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics. The A’s have spent nearly 50 years at the stadium, with plenty of memories to go with all of that time in the building.

The Athletics have won three consecutive championships on two separate occasions while playing their home games at RingCentral Coliseum. They first accomplished the feat from 1972-1974, winning the team's first championships since leaving Philadelphia for Oakland. They then did it again from 1988-1990, with another historic run marking the last time that the Athletics have won Major League Baseball's biggest prize.

The A's are staying in Oakland for the foreseeable future, but the Oakland Raiders, meanwhile, will soon no longer call RingCentral Coliseum home. The NFL franchise is moving to Las Vegas, to become the Las Vegas Raiders, in what will serve as the latest test of a pro sports team's viability in Sin City. With the Coliseum leaving a giant patch of dirt in the middle of the Raiders' field that they had to contend with during baseball season, it’s possible that this separation will be best for both parties involved by allowing each to optimize for their own sports’ experience.

Q: What are the best places to sit at RingCentral Coliseum?

A: For A’s games, the 200s section is the way to go. The vantage point is higher up, which gives a better view of the game, without being all the way up in the 300s, which are built for football and way too high for baseball. The 200s section will also be less expensive than the 100s, which is an added bonus.

Q: RingCentral Coliseum tips and tricks

A: From Monday-Thursday, gates at the Coliseum open an hour and a half before game time, with the park opening two hours before game time from Friday-Sunday. An hour and a half before the game is when you'll want to arrive, so you can catch batting practice and get settled into your seat before first pitch. There are four outfield gates, and gates on the first and third base line in foul territory, so getting to your seat quickly should be no problem at all.

Q: RingCentral Coliseum club areas

A: The Eastside and Westside clubs are the two club seating areas at the Coliseum. At A's games, the Westside club is available to anyone with a ticket, and it provides a diverse array of dining options. The Eastside club, meanwhile, offers private bars and seating, and a more exclusive Oakland A's gameday experience.

Q: What makes RingCentral Coliseum unique?

A: All of the foul territory makes the Coliseum unique. There is so much more space down the foul lines for players to run into than other ballparks, which turns what would normally be harmless foul balls into outs, which can change the complexion of any game.