Ryman Auditorium Details

Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Ryman Auditorium is one of the most hallowed performance spaces in the United States. Formerly known as the Grand Ole Opry House, the venue first opened in 1892, and has been renovated and expanded over the course of its history. With a distinct seating arrangement, and some of the biggest names in the history of recorded music playing there at times, Ryman Auditorium is a piece of American history.

Perhaps the most noteworthy contribution Ryman Auditorium was responsible for was the weekly radio show, the Grand Ole Opry, which later became the name of the theater. This show began as a local program, and grew to levels of fame simply unheard of on radio at the time, and in some ways blazed the trail for the modern broadcast industry.

Seating fewer people than what you would see at an arena show, Ryman Auditorium has been something of an all-purpose entertainment space since it was built. The venue has hosted addresses from US Presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt. It has hosted performances by Bob Hope, Charlie Chaplin, John Philip Sousa, and even Harry Houdini. In a way, Ryman Auditorium has been a who's who book throughout American history, detailing its greatest performances and some of its most influential people extensively.

Ryman Auditorium has also served as a recording space for some of the biggest names in music, from country music artists to pop acts, and everything in between. It also was the home of the Grand Ole Opry during the debuts of stars such as Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, and Loretta Lynn, all legends of the country music industry.

In a way, stepping into Ryman Auditorium is like looking through a time capsule of American music history, as both the latest and greatest continue to deliver their art on its stage.

Where is the best place to sit at Ryman Auditorium?

There are two levels of seating at Ryman Auditorium. Of course, sitting in the front of the first level would provide the best seats, as they are the closest to the performers, but sitting toward the front of the second level can also provide a great seat, with a lower price as well. The upper level is also great for taking in the entirety of Ryman Auditorium stage, as you are a little further back, and can truly appreciate the history and aesthetic quality of the venue.

Ryman Auditorium tips and tricks

The doors at Ryman Auditorium open an hour before the start of most scheduled events. It is advisable to get to the venue prior to that one hour mark, as the historical significance of the venue will make others want to get there early as well to take in everything about it. To avoid a line that wraps around the block, the earlier you can get to Ryman Auditorium, the better.

Ryman Auditorium club areas

There is no premium seating at Ryman Auditorium, as the venue features pew-seating around the venue, with a capacity just over 2,000 people. This venue has an amazing old-school feel to it, and this is one of the ways it delivers that.

Ryman Auditorium Pews

At Ryman Auditorium, the pew-style seating is by far the most unique thing about the venue. With a small, intimate capacity and the pew-style seating, it can be argued that going to a performance at Ryman Auditorium can feel a lot like going to church, with the music being performed there often being majestic in its own right.