Tacoma Dome Details

Located in Tacoma, Washington and opened in 1983, the Tacoma Dome is an all-purpose arena that plays host to sporting events, concerts, and many other events in the world of sports, entertainment, and music. The venue has played host to multiple professional sports teams, in addition to the rest of the items on its list of accomplishments.

The arena was the home of the Seattle Supersonics in 1994 and 1994, while their regular home venue was being renovated into the present day KeyArena. The Tacoma Dome was also the home of the Tacoma Stars of the Major Indoor Soccer League, Tacoma Rockets of the Western Hockey League, and the Tacoma Sabercats of the West Coast Hockey League. The Tacoma Dome was also the home of the 1988 and 1989 NCAA women's basketball tournament championship games, which saw Louisiana Tech beat Auburn in 1988 and Tennessee defeat Auburn in 1989.

David Bowie opened up the Tacoma Dome when he played a concert there in 1983, the first event ever held in the venue. Since then, high-profile musical artists have regularly played at the Tacoma Dome. Included in the list of musicians to feature at the venue are AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Jason Aldean, and Justin Bieber, to satisfy a diverse array of musical tastes.

The Tacoma Dome also played host to an iconic moment in professional wrestling history, when Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair, Sting, and Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at their Spring Stampede event.

Tacoma Dome seating capabilities max out at around 23,000 people, which can vary based on the type of event that is being held there on a given day. For their indoor soccer matches, they held nearly 21,000 fans, with more seating available for concerts and events that used stages instead of massive playing fields.

Where are the best places to sit at the Tacoma Dome?

One of the most interesting things about the Tacoma Dome is the fact that the venue has very customizable seating arrangements. The venue does not have seats that are fixed to anything, which allows organizers at the Tacoma Dome the ability to rearrange seating for any event that is going on there. Generally speaking, sections in the single digits and with an A at the end tend to be the best, but where the best sightlines reside can vary based on the type of event going on as well as where the seats are set up.

Tacoma Dome tips and tricks

The doors to the Tacoma Dome open around 90 minutes before the start of each event taking place there. Getting there when the doors open is an ideal opportunity to beat the concession and souvenir lines that can form as each event gets closer to its start time, and can beat the traffic on the way to the dome.

Tacoma Dome club areas

The Overlook is the top club seating area in the Tacoma Dome, with extra wide seating, all-inclusive catering, bottomless soft drinks, and private entrances and restrooms. The Bunker is also an option for guests at the Tacoma Dome, featuring spaces for 16 guests, along with catering and high-definition screens to enhance the event even further.

What is unique about the Tacoma Dome?

The Tacoma Dome is the largest arena with a wooden dome in the world by volume. It was designed by designers local to the Tacoma area, who won a design competition. In addition, the seating in the Tacoma Dome is not fixed, with the flexibility of the seating arrangements being a top priority so the venue can be adapted to fit the events scheduled.