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Tailgate with Brats and Beer

Tailgating is a must at American Family Field. Fans shared their top tips to make your tailgating experience as fun as possible: Get there early and bring all the necessities including chairs, games, brats and beer. And say "Hey!" to your neighbors - everyone is very friendly and they will likely spare a grill or invite you to join a bag toss!

"It's not totally crazy to just bring your own brats and buns and ask to use part of someone’s grill. Milwaukeeans are famously friendly, you'll likely make a new friend in the process!"

The Favorite Sausage

The results are in! The fans’ favorite racing sausage is… Brett Wurst! The Racing Sausages are a beloved tradition for the Brewers, the races started back in 2000 at County Stadium and followed the team to American Family Field and have become a fan-favorite tradition.

"My favorite tradition is rooting for a sausage and gambling with others in seats around you"

Brats, Bratchos and Baseball

If you’re not able to tailgate before the game, you need to grab a brat during the game - or maybe you have room for both! Fans also love the bratchos, a American Family Field twist on the classic baseball snack. There are no bad seats in the stadium, and if you’re going with your little ones, check out the family-friendly (and booze-free) Section 217.

"There are no bad seats in American Family Field. The big scoreboard is fun to watch so sit where you can see that."

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