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Great view of the Rockies

While this may be the case for almost everywhere in Colorado, Coors Field is yet another place with an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains, especially as the sun sets. Be sure to bring a camera to the game, and head up to The Rooftop for a great view of the entire ballpark and the mountains in the background. In general, seats in the upper deck along the first base side will offer the best view of the sunset.

"Make sure you have your camera ready when the sun sets, there is some of the most beautiful skies you will ever see."

A brew-tiful stadium experience

Many fans are surprised to find out that Blue Moon was born at Coors Field, and so it only feels right to give the original Sandlot Brewery a try while at the park. Of course many fans opt for the park’s namesake beer, another popular option. Both would go well with the popular local "delicacy" Rocky Mountain Oysters, although, according to the fans surveyed, they are not the greatest culinary experience, with 32 percent of fans saying they hate them.

"The Rooftop Bar is a great place to grab a beer, enjoy the game and be social."

"i don't wanna lose your love toniiiight"

A player’s walk-up song is a chance to show off his personality, but few result in the entire crowd singing along. Such is the case for Charlie Blackmon, who walks up as the crowd sings along to the mega 80s hit "Your Love" by The Outfield. Other sing-a-long opportunities come during the classic "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", as well as the stadium anthem "Hey Baby" by DJ Otzi.

"The entire game is fun, it’s the best environment to watch baseball in."

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