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Official hot dog territory

While Chicago in general is known for their hot dogs, no place offers the ultimate hot dog experience quite like Guaranteed Rate Field. The one piece of advice fan after fan had for newcomers was to grab a grilled hot dog with onions to get the full White Sox experience. If hot dogs aren’t your thing, reach for Helmet Nachos or head to Beggar’s for some traditional Chicago deep dish.

"My tradition is to get a Polish with grilled onions. Been the standard order since I started going to games with my dad and brother as a kid."

Be prepared to be Thunderstruck

White Sox fans love their traditions, and none more so than belting out the 1990 classic "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Thunderstruck blasts throughout the stadium at the start of the game (followed by fireworks - even better!), so be sure to get there early to get the full Guaranteed Rate Field experience.

"My favorite team tradition is without a doubt Opening Day. But on a regular basis, we grab a dog from 35th Red hots before heading in, and ALWAYS make sure we're on time to see the first pitch [to hear Thunderstruck]."

Don’t call it Guaranteed Rate Field

Even though the stadium has officially been Guaranteed Rate Field for years, true fans know better. White Sox fans more often refer to the stadium as "Comiskey Park," the stadium’s official name until 2003, and some even refer to it as "The Cell", in honor of the official "U.S. Cellular Field" name that the stadium held from 2003 until 2016.

"I’m old. I still call it Sox park or Comiskey. The Ballpark has some of the best of everything. Just expect to enjoy your experience."

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