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Oakland A’s fans are some of the most dedicated fans in baseball. The true fans have been through some tough seasons, the BIlly Beane era and the 2002 season - so they’ve seen it all. The biggest tip from fans - take BART to get to the stadium.

"You can’t miss the energy in the stadium and how the fans get behind the team. It’s priceless, from when the gates open to when the last players leave."

Best Seats for Real Fans

If you’re looking for an experience where you’ll be surrounded by the biggest fans - sit in the bleachers. These seats can get a little rowdy, but if you can handle it, these are the best seats in the house.

"The bleacher fans are some of the most dedicated anywhere, complete with chants, drum cadences, and banter with opposing fielders."

Baseball Bites

Any baseball game isn’t complete without all the snacks. At Ring Central Coliseum, you have your choice from all the classics - nachos, garlic fries, pizza and hot dogs - but be sure to check out the food trucks too. The food trucks onsite rotate regularly, so to stay in the know on the great mix of delicious options, check out the calendar online before heading to the game.

"Take BART to get there! It is a much better experience than parking there. Plus, you get to interact with fans on the way!"

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