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Not a bad seat in the house

While they await their new stadium, the Los Angeles Chargers currently play in Dignity Health Sports Park, a stadium originally built to host the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS. This leads to a unique stadium experience, with a much smaller crowd, but significantly better sightlines. In the case of this stadium there are really no bad seats.

"Every seat in the stadium gives you a great view and it is the closest you will sit to any field in the league."

Close to the action

Thanks to the size of the stadium, fans are able to get really close to the players warming up, unlike in most venues where there is much more space by the sidelines, and typically a higher barrier wall between the fans and players. Be sure to arrive early to get your best look at the stars of the league.

"Going early and getting unbelievably close to the players warming up!"

Fire the cannons

Even in their temporary home the Chargers have a number of great team traditions each game, the most noticeable of which is certainly the cannons that go off after every touchdown by the home team. The team still has a strong fanbase that travels up from San Diego, and a number of respondents called out the excitement in the stadium when the players run out for introductions.

"After every first down they play the charge tune and after every touchdown they shoot the cannons. It was admittedly cool."

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