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Before kickoff

When heading to a Lions game arrive at the stadium early to check out the teams warming up and the lead into the game, which a number of fans said is a major highlight. You will be in for an extra special treat if you head to Ford Field for the annual Thanksgiving game, the tradition most fans called out as their favorite.

"Do NOT be afraid to be loud. Crowd noise is the best thing a fan can do for their defense."

Take a walk

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, Ford Field certainly looks different than most other NFL venues from the outside. Inside fans suggest walking the concourse to see some of the local charm. While walking around the concourse remember to grab a hot dog, the most recommended food from fans.

"Take some time to walk around the stadium. Some of the storefronts that were absorbed into the stadium’s property are still standing, you can see them before you get to your seats."

Stay to the end

Although it seems to end in misery more often than jubilation for Lions fans, a number of supporters still called out that any visitor to the stadium should stay until the end of the game, as Lions games seem to always have an exciting finish. And don’t worry about having a great seat for the action, fans said that there is not a single bad seat in the house.

"Don’t leave a game early. Even if the Lions lose, it always ends in spectacular fashion."

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