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Get there early

In recent years the Dolphins have increased the fan options prior to kickoff, and many of the survey respondents called out how great the atmosphere is both inside and outside the stadium. The team often has alumni appearances, and out in the parking lots fans will be having a great time tailgating.

"Get to the stadium early for all the pre-game experience. You can be walking by Dan Marino, meeting the Dolphins cheerleaders or enjoying the tailgate party from a fan!!!"

New renovations

Having undergone renovations recently, Hard Rock Stadium is now one of the top venues in the league, as it prepares to host the Super Bowl this winter. Once inside be sure to head to Shula Burger, the top recommended dining option within the stadium. There is also a statue of the former coach outside the stadium.

"Be sure to check the stadium out completely. It is a very nice stadium."

Where to sit

While fans said the sightlines are great from nearly everywhere within Hard Rock Stadium, a number of fans called out that the seats on the away side of the stadium are in full sun and can be especially warm early in the season. For the best seats in the house, check out the lower level seats behind the Dolphins bench.

"I love the end zone [seats] the best, when the action is on the other side [watch the] beautiful large TV’s to catch the play, and when the play is in your seating area you see all the action close up."

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