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When heading to a Vikings game you will want to make sure to be in your seat prior to kickoff, to see some of the traditions that pay tribute to the vikings, including the sounding of the gjallarhorn. You will also want to be sure to join in on the Skol chant before the opening kickoff, yet another tradition that pays tribute to the team’s namesake.

"Go early to take time to explore the stadium and look at the different exhibits while making sure to be back in your seat for the opening Skol chant, it sends chills down my spine every time!"

A stylistic gem

One of the newest stadiums in the NFL, U.S. Bank Stadium is not only a great place to take in a game, but also an architectural masterpiece. Shaped like a viking ship, the stadium offers fans tons to experience, and once they are tired of walking around they can check out the wide selection of food and beer, which both received high marks from fans.

"There is so much detail built into the design of the stadium. Take some time to wander and check it out."

Great options

With smart design decisions like glass instead of concrete, U.S. Bank Stadium offers fans a great view no matter where they are sitting. Fans couldn’t even decided which of the three levels they preferred, with some saying the upper levels actually offers a better experience than the lower levels.

"U.S. Bank Stadium has the benefits of modern stadium design everywhere you look, and nowhere is that more obvious than the views. I’ve sat in many seats around the stadium and they’ve all had great sightlines."

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