As of 12:12 ET last night, we now have new and improved interactive seating maps for all NFL stadiums and events. We are one step closer to being the best source for NFL tickets on the web.

This is certainly one of our best engineering achievements to date, but definitely not perfect. There may be some bugs and there are certainly many areas for improvement.We are going to iterate in the coming weeks and would love to hear back from our users as to what you think could be improved. Next week, I will be releasing a detailed guide to using the new maps, but in the meantime I wanted to provide a brief overview of the new features to help you all get used to the new maps.

Updated Look and Feel

If you remember from a little while back, we are going through a site redesign and these pages are the first hint at what that might look like. We paused efforts on the homepage, to focus exclusively on getting these maps together for the start of the NFL season, and we are happy with our initial progress.

New Deal Discovery Sorting

We built a custom algorithm to help surface the best deals based on historical average prices by section/row, number of tickets available and other factors. These are then ranked from bad deal to great deal, and the results are pre-sorted accordingly. In addition, markers on the map show you which sections have the best deals in context of the stadium layout.

Seat Maps deal sorting

Maps Built From Scratch

  • For our tech readers, we built these maps using Raphael instead of Flash
  • Each stadium seating chart contains all section and row data, so you can identify exactly where you you will be sitting
  • All maps were designed in-house to fit with the overall SeatGeek design scheme and allow for the best functionality possible

Enhanced Interactivity

  • Zoom to a section/ticket listing right from the menu on the left
  • Improved loading time
  • Speedier drag and zoom
  • In-line price comparisons across all sites with listings
  • Price forecast and ticket analytics via modal pop
  • Overall improved UI that makes finding tickets both easier and quicker

seat maps zoom and details
So that is the basic summary of the new maps. Please comment below with your thoughts and suggestions or get involved with the discussion at Hacker News. Now I will leave you with a “blurryish” image of the SeatGeek team working late last night to get these up.


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