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Greensboro Coliseum Complex Details

Opened in 1959, the Greensboro Coliseum has become a hotbed for college basketball action when the games matter most. Located in the heart of ACC country, near the conference's home offices, the venue has regularly hosted games in the ACC Tournament, featuring some of the best teams in one of the best conferences in college basketball history.

Of course, hosting the ACC Tournament means hosting blue-blood programs including Duke and North Carolina, as well as other prolific basketball schools like Miami and Louisville. Among the legendary coaches who have coached postseason games in this venue are Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, and Rick Pitino, all of whom have used games in the Greensboro Coliseum as a springboard to NCAA Tournament success.

The Greensboro Coliseum has also been the home to several NCAA Tournament games, including a men's Final Four in 1974. It hosts early-round games of the tournament often, thanks to the venue's geographic proximity to a number of schools that often find themselves at the top of the college basketball rankings. As a result, the Greensboro Coliseum regularly hosts Duke or North Carolina games in the early stages of the tournament, with those games often drawing a crowd filled with fans of those programs.

That convenient arrangement for those ACC powerhouses led to one of the most memorable moments in the history of the NCAA Tournament in 2012, when Duke was the two-seed in their region and fell to 15-seed Lehigh in the first round. Lehigh, led by CJ McCollum, outplayed Duke for the majority of the game, with their star McCollum looking every bit like the star he would become in the NBA.

Greensboro Coliseum was also a piece of wrestling history dating back to the old territory days, which led WWE to revive its Starrcade show there in 2017.

The arena is also known for hosting a variety of concert, arts, and other events.

Where are the best places to sit at Greensboro Coliseum?

While the 100s sections will be the closest seats to any event you attend at Greensboro Coliseum, there is some value to be had in the 200s sections. The venue has a lower and upper level, and the upper level isn't a huge drop-off in seat quality, especially for the lower prices you can find upper level tickets at there.

Greensboro Coliseum tips and tricks

Getting to the Greensboro Coliseum early is typically your best bet, as most events see gates open an hour before the start time. This is an ideal amount of time to get in, get situated, and watch teams warm up before tip-off.

Also worth keeping in mind when attending an event at Greensboro Coliseum is that there are interpreters for the hearing impaired available. If you get in touch with the venue a week before your event date, you can secure this service.

Greensboro Coliseum Club Areas

The Schiffman's Diamond Club is the club seating area of Greensboro Coliseum. Entry to this club comes via a private entrance and elevator and includes entry to a private bar with exclusive lounge areas that overlook the action taking place on the floor below. Club seating patrons can also enjoy personal wait staff members that take care of your needs without you having to leave your seat. VIP parking and complimentary buffet service are also included to push the experience over the top.

Greensboro Coliseum Location

One unique thing about Greensboro Coliseum is its proximity to so many major cities in its area. The venue is roughly an hour drive away from Charlotte, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem. During big games, this makes for a crowd that gathers from all over North Carolina and beyond.