Deal Score

The Key to Finding Great Deals

What is Deal Score?

Deal Score is a number based on a fancy math calculation made by SeatGeek that tells you exactly how good a deal you're looking at. You can use Deal Score to quickly find the best deals, buy with confidence, and save money in the process.

How is Deal Score calculated?

We factor in lots of things while calculating deal score, and we're always tinkering to make it better. Some of the factors that influence Deal Score are: historical ticket prices for the performer and the venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event.

What is a good Deal Score?

Deal Scores can range from 1 to 100. Deals at either end of this range are rare, but a 100 means that this is one of the best ticket deals on SeatGeek. Conversely, a 1 is a very, very bad deal.

What does a blue dot or blue Deal Score mean?

Blue is the color assigned to ticket listings for which Deal Score cannot be calculated. This usually happens when SeatGeek can't make sense of the ticket information that is provided on the seller's website. A blue dot or Deal Score doesn't necessarily signify a bad deal — just that SeatGeek doesn't know enough to give a good answer.

I really like math. Can I learn more about Deal Score?

We've written about Deal Score several times on the SeatGeek blog. Here's the first half of a great two-part article by Steve, the chief data scientist behind Deal Score.