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The best view in baseball

Many fans may be surprised to see PNC Park as the highest rated atmosphere as voted on by fans, but this beautiful riverside stadium offers incredible views of downtown Pittsburgh that make it feel as though the bridges and city are within the ballpark walls. Most fans recommended sitting behind home plate down the third base line for the most ideal view of the city beyond the outfield walls.

"If someone is going to their first game at PNC Park, it should almost be required that they sit on the 3rd baseline so that they can see the field with the city skyline in the background."

Dashing dumplings

You have probably heard of the racing presidents in D.C., or the racing sausages in Milwaukee, but in Pittsburgh the tradition puts multiple running pierogies on the field. According to our survey Jalapeño Hannah is the ballpark favorite, with 28% of fans supporting her. Sauerkraut Saul (19%) and Cheese Chester (18%) are the next most popular.

"People take the Pierogie race VERY seriously."

Grabbing some grub

When the pierogie race leaves you hungry there is only one solution, a Primanti Bros sandwich. What makes these sandwiches unique is the french fries within the bread, a true Pittsburgh delicacy. The sandwich washes down well with an I.C. Light, the most recommended beer by Pirates fans. Those looking to save a little money can opt to check out Buckaroos, which fans said offered the best prices in the park.

"The Primanti Brothers sandwiches are better in PNC Park than they are anywhere else."

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