Greetings! Here you will learn everything you need to know about SeatGeek’s fantastic partner program.

About SeatGeek

First and foremost, for those who may be new to SeatGeek, we are the leading search engine for sports, concert, theater and live entertainment tickets. We have built a best-in-class product that helps fans navigate the event ticket market in an easy and friendly fashion. Through a powerful user experience we hope to make buying tickets as much fun as attending the event.

What makes us unique is three-fold:

1. Ticket Aggregation
We aggregate ticket listings from over 100 different primary + secondary ticket providers. We make it easy for fans to shop and compare ticket prices for a given event all in one place.

2. Superior User Experience
We have proven time and time again that our best-in-class UX converts users that enter SeatGeek. SeatGeek provides a great shopping experience, and enables our partners to make more revenue as a result of these ticket purchases.

3. Interactive Seating Maps and Deal Score
This is my personal favorite. We have built awesome interactive seating maps that makes it very easy to quickly identify the best deals for a given event. Using our proprietary algorithm, we determine where the best deals are in a venue and assign a Deal Score to each ticket listing. The best deals are illustrated by big green dots on the seating maps and as the Deal Score gets worse the dots become smaller and red in color. Learn more about it right here.

Partner Program

Our partner program has thousands of affiliates who take advantage of the compelling products we’ve built. Each time a partner sends a referral to SeatGeek and they purchase a ticket, we pay our partners 50% of the revenue we earn on that transaction.

Signing up is easy!

1. Create an account at and accept the terms

2. You can track your revenue and transactions by logging into your account and going to

Setting up Affiliate Links

One of the cooler features we think bloggers and writers can take advantage of is affiliatizing links to SeatGeek.

To affiliatize any SeatGeek link, append your unique AID (assuming you have signed up for the partner program and obtained you AID) to the end of any link in the following format:

“?aid=xxx” (xxx being your unique AID)

For example, if you want to affiliatize the link to the New York Knicks page on SeatGeek, go to the that page on, copy that link, and append your tracking code –

If you’d like to link to a particular game or event, go to that page on, copy the link, and append your tracking code –

Whether linking in articles, creating your own schedule page, or putting links in your navigation bar, this simple feature allows you to easily track your revenue and transactions by logging into your account and going to

Additional Partner Products

I hope this has been helpful and as always if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at