Tennessee Theatre Concert Schedule

10/21/2018Blues Traveler with Con BrioTennessee Theatre
10/31/2018Bob DylanTennessee Theatre
11/2/2018Danny Gokey with Tauren WellsTennessee Theatre
11/8/2018Cody JinksTennessee Theatre
11/9/2018Cody JinksTennessee Theatre
11/18/2018The Beach BoysTennessee Theatre
12/2/2018Chris TomlinTennessee Theatre
12/4/2018Harry Connick, Jr.Tennessee Theatre
12/5/2018Celtic ThunderTennessee Theatre
12/20/2018Knoxville Jazz Orchestra with Cyrus ChestnutTennessee Theatre
12/21/2018Knoxville Jazz Orchestra with Cyrus ChestnutTennessee Theatre
1/25/2019The Black Jacket SymphonyTennessee Theatre
3/11/2019Amos LeeTennessee Theatre
3/16/2019Experience HendrixTennessee Theatre
3/19/2019Kacey MusgravesTennessee Theatre
3/21/2019Big Ears Festival (4 Day Pass)Tennessee Theatre
3/21/2019Big Ears Festival (Thursday Pass)Tennessee Theatre
3/22/2019Big Ears Festival (Friday Pass)Tennessee Theatre
3/23/2019Big Ears Festival (Saturday Pass)Tennessee Theatre
3/24/2019Big Ears Festival (Sunday Pass)Tennessee Theatre
4/23/2019Joan BaezTennessee Theatre